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Why is it ? That some people really do not care about the greatest human thought (known as emotion). It must be the morals, that has been bestowed in us, and eventually lost, that clouds our ability to care or respect another persons feelings? What a great disappointment, to see someone act as if though they are the only existing person with feelings and to show no moral transaction when they apply change to their life (that affects other people involved) such as moving out of a household or communicating a major change. I hear of this most frequently, in gay lifestyles. I wonder if it just as common in hedrosextual relationships? ARE MEN REALLY DOGS? I used to think that the saying (men are all dogs) was just a punt towards male masculinity, but now realize that more men than women, are more concerned with their own well being and feelings, then another persons (weather it a man or women). What can I say, but I am proud to express my feelings and know the other person knows where they stand, when I am involved with them.