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Foreplay Fever

Some men are very nervous about foreplay. Some men don't understand that they don't spend enough time with it and are uncertain how to remedy the situation. Some men simply don't realize that foreplay can be at least as exciting and satisfying as intercourse....sometimes more so. Some men haven't learned how to relax and enjoy the anticipation, the mounting tension, the electricity of hot skin against hotter skin, the glory of the sudden swelling of his own organ. Only a sensitive and sensuous man - can show the other man how to truly enjoy the splendor of good foreplay. And only you can show your man what a rapturous experience he can have, when you come alive under his hands and slowly and deliciously get him hotter and harder than he's ever been. Lust is when one feels an overwhelming passion for another. Love encompasses passion, but also includes a long-term commitment, and mutual pride and respect in the relationship. The relationship you mentioned did not last because while you were physically attracted to her, you were not yet ready to give your heart and soul to her. It was a perfect example of "lust at first sight." On the other hand, love at first sight is something you feel when you are ready to make a commitment to someone who could be your soul mate and your lust is only secondary to wanting to spend your life with that person. With luck, someday you'll experience that, too.