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One of the reasons that two people decide to be together as partners, is the fact that they can talk together. This means that they can talk about anything, and they usually do.

Before two people become united as one, they are on their best behavior. They are out to impress one another. They are, congenial, generous, clever (at times), conversational, tender, and almost over-solitious. Every gesture is so maneuvered that it will impress the other favorably and prepare him to be thrilled when he kisses or hugs him goodnight.

Small wonder then, that when he does finally get around to that much awaited, much planned-for goodnight kiss/hug, that he is ecstatic, floating several inches off the ground, convinced that he is being courted by an impeccable lover, a gallant night with flawless manners, a gentleman to the core, an unselfish, sacrificing future partner who will alway keep him on a pedestal and place his wants and desires far above his own.

Who could possibly refuse to love, honor and submit to such a partner for the rest of their life.